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Seasonal (Not Available) 

bowled over brunch

bowled over Shrimp & Grits

$9 / Bowled Over Shrimp & Grits

Southern Homestyle cheese grits with  shrimp, bacon, and green onion

*Shrimp can be substituted with Turkey Sausage

$10/ Simply Breakfast

French toast or waffles with fritatta and sausage links

$7/ Biscuits N Gravy

Southern biscuits smothered in traditional gravy with chunks of sausage. Two sausage patties added


smoked sausage and potato hash

$9 / Smoked Sausage and Potato Hash

A flavorful mix of hearty smoked sausage, potatoes and colorful. vegetables. Slightly cajun seasoned

$10/ Brunchadilla

Baked spinach and  mushroom quesadillas. served with a side of sour cream and salsa

$7/ Soup of the Day

check with the server on the delicious soup of the day

charcutierie simply.jpg

Charcuterie Board  (Photo credit: Simply Alabama)

$11 / Lush Berry Salad

A delicious bed of spring mix topped with strawberries, blackberries,  cranberries,  and pecans.  sprinkled with feta cheese  and drizzled honey.  honey champagne vinaigrette 

$10 / Baked Brie and Cranberry Toast

speciality breakfast bread baked w/ brie and cranberries, drizzled w/ honey and a side of berry mix

$30/ Charcuterie

A selection of 3 cheeses, assorted meats, preserves and accompaniments and assorted bread/crackers

ALa carte

$5/ Parfait

$3/ bacon

$3/ Turkey Sausage


$8/chocolate drizzled cheesecake - One of the most beloved desserts all around the world, drizzled in Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.  


  • $5/ Single Mimosas (Orange, Pineapple, cranberry, Carmel apple​​

  • $/11  mojitos (original, blueberry, strawberry)

  • $11/ Espresso martini 

  • All drinks from the original menu are available 

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