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Courtney and Cotina Stroud are the owners of The Lush Garden. Community members and local business owners, Courtney and Cotina reside in Calhoun County, along with their family. They are both proud members of the Chamber of Commerce and love and support the growth of Calhoun County!

The Strouds purchased this quaint establishment in November 2021, after looking for a place to house their dream of a local wine bar. Through their travels here and abroad, they have experienced many wine bars and cafes and desired to have something similar in their hometown. They simply fell in love with the idea of a cozy lounge inside the old Victorian style home.

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The Lush Garden is a cozy, comfortable, neighborhood wine bar.  Located in close proximity to the historic area of Anniston, Alabama. We welcome all levels of wine drinkers from newbies to experts for the purpose of bringing a diverse group of people to relax with friends, meet new people and try new wines. We pride ourselves on cultivating an environment of DIVERSITY while our patrons enjoy exceptional wines, small plates, good music and atmosphere.


The Strouds desire is for patrons to come experience its cozy, sophisticated atmosphere with a wonderful array of eclectic furniture, great music, diverse wines, signature cocktails, beer, and small plates, making it the perfect place to enjoy a first date, have a fun girls night out, conduct business and much more!


The Strouds instantly thought of naming the wine bar 'The Lush Garden' because this concept is an extension of their home and beautiful backyard oasis. They hope you will feel just as relaxed as they do in their own backyard.

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